Feelings Policy


Updated June 2023

Some of the strategies, advice and thoughts Lion Light Worker provides may be hard to hear. We will NOT be held financially responsible in any way for your hurt feelings because you do not like what you heard or think you heard. By agreeing to use any of our services you understand and agree to this. You understand and agree that we, Lion Light Worker, will not be held emotionally, mentally, spiritually, spiritually, financially or legally responsible if you are triggered by the truth, are in disagreement with the results you are given or do NOT follow the instructions provided to the letter, you comprehend that you bare sole responsibility for this. If there is something that is hard for you to hear or you do not agree with, we highly suggest you tell us how you feel during the session or seek a professional therapist after the session.

By choosing to do business with this company, you are choosing to do business with the certified staff and interact with them and any assistants, volunteers, etc. in a strictly voluntary policy. No one is forcing you to do business or interact with our staff in any shape, form or fashion, and just like choosing to do business with us is voluntary so is choosing not to do business with us. In any moment, day, second or hour you feel we are not the best organization for you, you have the free will to equally as such voluntarily stop interacting with us in all shapes, forms and fashions.

By reading the content on this website or by dealing with our service in any way, and by commenting or engaging with anyone on this website or in this business, we will assume that you are emotionally and mentally sound, and able to handle the opinions and professional thoughts provided to you or from others in a way that does not bring change or harm to anyone in our company, with anyone being but not limited to: Main staff, temporary help, interns, or even any janitorial staff if we have them contracted with us; financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically.

We highly recommend that you immediately stop visiting this website and/or doing business with us and seek the help of another such licensed professional such as another type of therapist or medical professional. if any information presented on this website brings you emotional and mental distress to any extent. We are not liable for any damages or costs incurred by you as described above. If by signing this or continuing to interact with us virtual or in-person, you understand this policy and later change your mind and try to hold us negligible in any way, we reserve the right to obtain legal counsel and seek reimbursement or payment from you for said legal counsel. Your engagement with this website and this business is voluntary.

We are not liable for your inability to read, review, understand, or approve this clause, or any information presented in any of the legal pages of Lion Light Worker and lionslighthtc.com. In doing business with us you waive all legal recourse, criminal and otherwise due to your hurt feelings. You agree to only seek legal recourse if you have clear, without a shadow of a doubt proof of negligence. Anything other than clear proof of negligence is deemed a violation of this policy and we reserve the right to take legal recourse against you for any falsehoods and damages to our company as a result of your violation. That may include but not be limited to criminal or civil prosecution.

In addition, threats to the safety and well being of any of the staff, paid or not online or in-person in any way, will NOT be tolerated. Any threat to any member of Lion Light Worker WILL be taken seriously and law enforcement will be alerted and any charges that need to be pressed will be done to the fullest extent of the law.

Once again, by doing business with us you understand and adhere to all the above herein.

This policy is governed by the state of Oregon and all its laws that govern herein. This policy is effective both nationally and internationally; digitally and in-person. All anti-international harassment and falsehood laws apply.